The Ultimate Guide to Accommodations in Gran Canaria

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Booking Tips

Gran Canaria is part of a group of islands located in the Atlantic Ocean near the top left of the African coast. The island is under the influence of Spain. In the summer it’s hot while winter is relatively warm. Gran Canaria is a paradise of white sand beaches and stunning resorts you don’t want to miss out on. Let’s go over helpful tips to prepare you for booking a vacation and a few types of accommodations that are available.

First, think about what kind of place you’d like to stay at, what your budget is, how much privacy you prefer, which parts of the accommodation you’re actually going to use, and which part of the island you want to stay on.

South of the island is where you can find the majority of the tourists and an abundance of benefits at luxury resorts. You can check out Palmitos Park, a botanical garden and animal park. Many visitors are charmed by the magnificent Maspalomas Dunes located near the town of Playa del Inglés and a historic lighthouse. The south side also includes the resort towns of San Agustín and Meloneras. It’s sunnier and warmer there than the north side.

Another good tip is to book ahead of time. A number of places may not have reception and calling in last minute may not work in your favor. For a great price, it’s best to look and book months in advance. If you’re lucky you may be able to find a few available hotels in a week, but they will be in high demand. Near the holiday periods such as Thanksgiving and Christmas, prices will increase.

If you’re traveling from the U.S. remember that the currency will be different. Gran Canaria only accepts the euro. When paying on the website, some hotels and resorts will let you use your regular credit or debit card. Some websites will let you choose the displayed currency. Others will let you use your card in person. Check the policy of the resorts, hotels, or vacation rentals to confirm. 

All-inclusive & Luxury Resorts

Quiet five-star Seaside Palm Beach is next to the beach. The resort has a 1970s vibe and is full of playful colors such as orange, yellow, beige, and blue. People can enjoy the mini club, water polo games at the pool, advice from coaches at the tennis court, and a family-friendly menu at the restaurant.

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Paradise Valle Taurito is an all-inclusive resort located on the south-west coast and is on top of a cliff. The resort is built from local stone. You can find many amenities such as an indoor swimming pool, a sauna, gym, tennis court, Turkish bath, unique skin treatments at the spa such as Volcanic Lava Exfoliation, and access to a Lago Taurito waterpark close by.

The Lopesan Villa del Conde contains five swimming pools (one saltwater), a well-stocked game room, tennis courts, five restaurants (including a buffet), a mini disco club and a thalassotherapy spa. For those traveling with children, the resort is also family-friendly. Children will be fully occupied by the board games in the game room. Picky eaters will find something to consume at one of the restaurants or at least in the buffet. Sports lovers will enjoy water polo, football, or beach volleyball. Entertainment is endless with evening shows at the resort. One of the pools is dedicated to children and heats up during the winter.

Hotel Reina Isabel is four-stars and is also close to the beach. There’s a bus stop in front of its entrance. Access the dreamy rooftop garden and saltwater pool. Revel in the artwork of Paul Klee in the lobby. Relax at the spa with an amazing view of Las Canteras beach.

Four-star Hotel Cordial Mogan Playa provides guests with a true Gran Canaria experience. Employees dress in traditional Canarian clothes and the architecture is influenced by churches and villages. The beach only takes minutes to walk to. Visitors can explore the hotel’s chapel, spa, pool, botanical garden, bowling alley, sporty arcade, archaeological park, and restaurants.

The relaxing Marina Suites has employees dressed as sailors and the rest of the hotel follows a ship theme. You can go swimming in the infinity pool or take the little ones out for sports, games, and face painting. Their dining area includes the option of a buffet. This hotel is ideal for families.

Vacation Rentals or Airbnb

For information on vacation rentals try using websites such as Trip Advisor or Booking.

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Feel right at home at the Villa Meloneras. According to it has over 100 reviews and rated a 9.1 out of 10. The rental is popular with couples traveling together. Visitors can take a dip in the outdoor pool, hot tub, or walk to the beach a couple of minutes away. Rooms have a kitchen and free wi-fi. Some have a terrace or dining area.

The Mannix Urban Apartments is in the heart Las Palmas on the North Side. Big groups usually book this condo. You can fit at least 10 people. The kitchen includes a fridge and microwave. Las Canteras Beach is only a few minutes away. Calle Triana, Parque de Santa Catalina, and Centro Comercial Las Arenas are popular attractions near the area.

With Airbnb, you can rent an entire house, apartment, a private room, or a boat. There’s a flat listing near the beach for one guest in Telde (east). Get a sea cave house with jaw-dropping views of endless green canyons for 6 people in Artenara (west). Airbnb gives you many different options on where to stay and property types. Browse around and find the perfect one for you. 


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8 Places Everyone Should Visit in Maspalomas, Gran Canaria

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The Canary Islands are among the best destinations for a perfect holiday in Spain. Maspalomas, a tourist resort located south of Gran Canaria Island, is booming with tourist activities. And with long walks on the beach, historical monuments, and an amusement park all at your finger tips, it can be a great destination for the whole family.

If golden beaches, breathtaking natural scenery, comfortable accommodation, and rich history are your things, start planning a trip to Maspalomas, Gran Canaria –– and make sure to check out these 10 historic landmarks on your trip.

Playa del Inglés

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On the south coast of Gran Canaria is Playa del Inglés , a beach resort. There’s a dispute around the origin of the resort’s name that dates back to the 20 th century. Some people say that an English bohemian moved to the area in the 20 th century and helped develop it. Others say that the man was French and not English. As of 2013, the area was still sparsely populated with a population of 7,515 people. However, these historical contradictions don’t dampen the experience at the resort. The fine weather, sandy beaches, and turquoise waters are astonishing. For family, couples, and single people. A fun day here should cost about $160 .

Yacimiento Punta Mujeres

Yacimiento Punta Mujeres (Punta Mujeres archeological site) is an aboriginal coastal settlement from between the 7 th and 9 th century. Domestic settlements of the aboriginals were found here, and it’s believed to be part of a larger settlement. The aboriginals are believed to have migrated from North Africa and developed their civilization until the 15 th -century Spanish conquest. The remains have helped archeologists piece together details about the lives of the aboriginals. Visit anytime as it is open 24 hours, free of charge.

Templo Ecumenico El Salvador

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Templo Ecumenico El Salvador is a 1970s church located near the Playa del Ingles resort. The landmark is easily recognizable by its stained glass and inverted ship outline. The church is for Christians of all stripes and holds masses on Sundays at 10:00 am and 6:00 pm. During its construction, the tourism industry in Maspalomas was booming, and designers were told to fill the temple with symbols that were as neutral as possible, so that folks of all faiths could feel welcome inside. 

The church also hosts events such as concerts and special celebrations. There’s no entrance fee, but you can donate. Visit the temple to learn more of its history .

Parroquia de San Fernando

Parroquia de San Fernando is small community church. Although the church isn’t meant for tourists, it’s still an important historical landmark in Maspalomas. The church has simple yet striking architecture, with a well-lit altar to ensure that you follow the proceedings keenly. You can call them or email them to plan a visit, an event, or talk to someone to learn more about the parish, free of charge.

El Faro de Maspalomas

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El Faro de Maspalomas (Maspalomas Lighthouse) is located 4 kilometers south of the town centre, and next to Maspalomas dunes. The active lighthouse was constructed in the 19 th century and took 28 years to complete . It’s 56 meters high, making it the tallest masonry lighthouse on the Islands.

The light can be seen for 19 nautical miles, thanks to the 60-meter focal height. In 2005, the government declared the lighthouse a Property of Cultural Interest. The inside of the lighthouse is not open to the public, but you can still visit the site at no cost.

Paseo Marítimo

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Paseo Marítimo is a long seaside promenade that begins at San Agustin and ends at Maspalomas Dunes and El Faro de Maspalomas, the lighthouse mentioned above. The promenade itself contains three long staircases and breathtaking views of the beach. There’s a shopping center with beautiful kiosks serving refreshing drinks and food to refuel you along the way. And you’ll find plenty of benches and other rest spots for you to pause and soak in the fresh, calm breeze of the Atlantic.

Sioux City Park Gran Canaria

Sioux City Park Gran Canaria was designed to send you back to the old days of the Wild West. Well, sorta. The place was originally built in 1972 as a set for shooting Western movies. But today it is filled with fun activities where you can watch bank robberies, cattle demonstrations, and cowboy duels. There’s also an onsite zoo with animals, including Jersey Giant chickens and dwarf crocodiles. The experience costs about $25 per person.

Holiday World

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Calling all amusement park lovers! This theme park is perfect for all ages . Keep the kids happy with arcade games or bowling alley. Teenagers can spend their time on the fairground rides. For adults, there’s a sports bar and a couple nightclubs. Go on the ferris wheel for a picture-perfect view of Maspalomas. The view is even better at night. 


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500 participantes.

As inscrições podem ser encerradas ao atingir o limite de vagas ou a critério da organização sem aviso prévio.

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Ven ha conhecer as belezas de Minas Gerais, e se encantar com nossas  estradas. 

Entre os dias 07 e 09 de abril, Pará de Minas/MG estará de portas abertas para receber a primeira edição do GRAND TOUR 262  e será sede do Campeonato Mineiro de Ciclismo de Estrada, uma nova experiência esportiva para atletas amadores e profissionais desafiarem seus limites no ciclismo, divididos em duas provas, CRI Individual & Prova de Resistência ( 140k e 70k ) curtindo grandes ativações de marca, gastronomia e experiências.   Nesta primeira edição, nosso objetivo é executar um entretenimento esportivo do mais alto nível para o ciclista, seus familiares e fãs. 

Objetivamos também envolver cada vez mais a população da cidade sede, incentivando a prática esportiva e estimulando o turismo da região. 

Trazer um evento desse porte para MINAS GERAIS representa um marco no ciclismo nacional .

Lugar lindo, ciclistas amadores e profissionais juntos, em um circuito de 2.200 metros de pura diversão, que vai exigir força e habilidade.  O percurso será marcado por desafios. Plano, rápido e intenso. Curvas que irão exigir técnica e atenção, em um percurso 100% fechado, sem carros, comércio ou pedestres. Condições  perfeitas para um show sobre duas rodas.  A categoria feminina fará 05 voltas no percurso , e as masculinas 07 voltas.  Será um percurso curto, mas não se engane, será exigente.


A cidade de Pará de Minas, está localizada no centro oeste de Minas Gerais, a 80km da capital mineira Belo Horizonte. 

Com mais de 100 mil habitantes a cidade está as margens da BR262 e será palco de um grandioso campeonato de ciclismo de estrada. 

Durante os dias 07, 08 e 09 de abril de 2023, o GRAND TOUR 262 vai contar com uma fantástica arena, um espaço exclusivo para ativações de marca, exposição de produtos e comercialização de material esportivos para receber você e sua família! 

Um local onde os patrocinadores e parceiros do evento, vão se conectar de forma relevante e profunda com o público do evento.

Serão muitas experiências e surpresas para conhecer e testar. Serviços e diversão estão esperando por você em nossa arena.


📍 Arena Grand Tour

Terminal Rodoviário de Pará de Minas 

R. Sidmar Almeida Mendonça, 1 0 - Belvedere, Pará de Minas - MG


Apoie o esporte.

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Suporte mecanico oficial.





Pará de Minas sediará edição do Grand Tour 262 com etapa válida pelo Campeonato Mineiro de Ciclismo de Estrada

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O Município de Pará de Minas sediará a primeira edição do Grand Tour 262, etapa válida pelo Campeonato Mineiro de Ciclismo de Estrada. A proposta dos organizadores é a promoção de uma nova experiência esportiva para atletas amadores e profissionais, com entretenimento e experiências.

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Paulo Francisdale Paulo01

O presidente da Associação dos Ciclistas de Pará de Minas, Helton Simão, destaca que esta competição é de ciclismo de estrada com etapa válida para o Campeonato Mineiro de Ciclismo.

O Gran Tour 262 se divide em duas provas, nos dias 8 e 9 de abril, em um distrito industrial localizado às margens da rodovia BR 262. A arena base será no Terminal Rodoviário Antônio Epaminondas Marinho, localizado na Avenida Ovídio de Abreu, em Pará de Minas, onde serão realizadas as solenidades de premiações com acesso gratuito do público.

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Helton Simão helton01

Durante o Gran Tour 262 será realizada uma homenagem ao ciclista Eduardo Lobato, que faleceu em Nova Lima, no domingo (2), em decorrência de um atropelamento provocado por um motorista de 55 anos, com sintomas de embriaguez alcoólica, que segue preso. O ciclista morreu enquanto treinava e estava inscrito para participar do evento em Pará de Minas:

Helton Simão helton02

O acesso à Pará de Minas pelo trevo da BR 262 estará interditado, mas tudo será sinalizado com orientação para os motoristas que precisarem passar pelo local. Mas é necessário que redobrem a atenção, caso trafeguem pelo local nos dias de competição:

Helton Simão helton03

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FIRENZE - Mandela Forum Cirque du Soleil "OVO"

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VENEZIA CULTURALE Ghetto ebraico - Basilica di San Marco - Palazzo Ducale - Gallerie dell'Accademia - Scuola di San Rocco - Basilica dei Frari

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GROTTE DI FRASASSI Museo della Carta a Fabriano

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Arezzo come era...ricordi lungo le mura

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Roma GALLERIA BORGHESE La Terrazza del Pincio

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PETRA E GIORDANIA Amman - Madaba - Monte Nebo Jerash - Ajloun - Um Al Rassas Wadi Rum - Beida - Mar Morto

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Promozionale ANDALUSIA Escursioni incluse a Malaga Siviglia - Cordoba - Ronda Granada

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CREMONA Festa del Torrone

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PISA Culturale

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Firenze - Galleria degli UFFIZI

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