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  • Art School: The Dance Phactory (1m)
  • Non-Governmental Organization (NGO): MD301 Convention 2016 Baguio (2m)
  • Public_transport: Jeepney Stop (7m)
  • Bus Line: Victory Liner De Luxe Bus #6 (34m)
  • Private School: Baguio First Learning Center Inc. Marcos Highway (42m)
  • Just For Fun: Sky Wranch, Sm Baguio City (43m)
  • Real Estate Appraiser: Fider Manny R- Real Estate Broker (46m)
  • Museum: Soroptimist International Pines (Permanently Closed) (47m)
  • Whisky Bar: The Manor Hotel cigar room (50m)
  • Internet Cafe: Zap Zone (56m)
  • Restaurant: Omaikhan Restaurant (59m)
  • Medical Lab: Abec Co. in Benguet (59m)
  • Park: Sky Ranch SM Baguio (60m)
  • Cafe: Ebai's Cafe and Pastry (64m)

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Guidelines for Tourists Going to Baguio

On the Guidelines for Tourists Going to Baguio provided by the Baguio City Tourism Office and the Public Information Office (PIO) of the City of Baguio last year, more tourists were allowed per day in the city.

City officials have decided to increase the daily tourist arrivals from 500 to 1,000 according to the city government of Baguio’s update last December 3, 2020.

Read more of the details about the simplified guidelines for tourists going to Baguio provided by the City Tourism Office.

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For tourists planning to visit the City of Baguio, check out the following guidelines.

Types of Tourist Who are Now Allowed

As stated in the guidelines, below are the following lists the were allowed in the city:

  • All tourists from the entire Luzon
  • Staying in own, relative’s or friend’s house
  • Same-day trips
  • Trip to BLISTT tourist attractions
  • Long-term vacations


As mentioned in the guidelines for tourists going to Baguio, these are the requirements in entering the city:

  • Sign up at
  • Upload valid ID and current photo
  • Schedule a visit with your Baguio VISITA account, entering travel and accommodation details and health declaration
  • Done prior to travel or upon arrival
  • Triage procedures upon arrival

Who can Visit

In the guidelines for tourists going to Baguio, these are the following who can visit the city:

  • All tourists from entire Luzon
  • As long as no underlying health conditions
  • No COVID-19 symptoms or exposure
  • Women must not be pregnant
  • With your VISITA account, schedule a visit with travel details
  • Fill-out Electronic Health Declaration Form
  • Choose COVID-19 test option
  • Upload required test documents
  • Save or print the issued QR-coded Tourist Pass or QTP

What is QTP?

  • Border checkpoint
  • All tourism establishments for validation
  • Contact tracing.
  • Note: No QTP, no travel.
  • Note: No walk-in travelers allowed, so schedule your visit early.
  • Returning resident
  • Workers or APORs

Steps to a Safe and Responsible Visit

Here are four steps for a safe and responsible visit stated in the guidelines for tourist going to Baguio:

  • Create a Baguio VISITA account at
  • Schedule a visit and wait for your QTP via email (health declaration and testing option will be required)
  • Proceed to Triage upon arrival for health and COVID-19 test verification
  • Follow Baguio health and safety protocols and standards while in the city

Additional Reminders

Keep in mind these additional reminders:

  • Don’t forget to bring a copy of your COVID-19 Test Result or Testing Form (CIF) at the Triage.
  • Don’t forget to bring a copy of your QTP when going to city establishments and attractions.

city tourism office baguio

Health and Safety Protocols While in Baguio City

The following are health and safety protocols while in the city according to the guidelines for tourist going to Baguio:

  • Open 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM
  • Open 24 hours
  • In checkpoints
  • In tourism establishments
  • In tourist sites
  • Wear face mask and face shields
  • Maintain physical distance of at least 1 meter as much as possible
  • Wash or sanitize hands always
  • Whenever you can, avoid crowded areas and places

COVID-19 Testing Options and Requirements When Visiting Baguio

Here are the testing options and requirements when visiting the city based on the provided guidelines for tourist going to Baguio:

1. Test Prior to Travel

  • RT-PCR or Rapid Antigen tests are allowed as long as taken within 72 hours prior to arrival
  • Upload negative test results when scheduling a visit with your Baguio VISITA account, bring a hardcopy to the Triage upon arrival for validation.
  • If found to be invalid, an Antigen test shall be done for a fee.

2. Test Upon Arrival

  • Download testing form and re-upload after filling-out, bring a hardcopy to the Triage upon arrival
  • Rapid Antigen test is available at the triage for Php 1,300

  • Testing is NOT mandatory for tourists below 18 years old at the Triage, unless symptomatic. If asymptomatic, parents or guardians shall decide if the child will undergo COVID-19 test.
  • Tourist’s antigen test upon arrival turns out to be positive
  • Tourist is reported to manifest COVID-19 symptoms
  • Tourist is reported to be a close direct contact of a COVID-19 patient

The guidelines for tourist going to Baguio was posted on the official Facebook page of the Baguio City Tourism Office and the PIO-City of Baguio.

Baguio City Tourists’ Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

These Baguio Tourists and VISITA FAQs were released by  Baguio Tourism on November 3, 2020, as a supplement to the guidelines. You may check the abovementioned guidelines for tourists going to Baguio first to have your basic questions answered.

On Baguio VISITA Registration and Requirements

  • As of now, we’re limiting tourists to 500/day at a time inside Baguio City. This may be adjusted anytime accordingly with prior notice. Keep posted for updates. (The answer 500/day on this FAQ was published on November 3, 2020)
  • Based on December 3, 2020 update from the City government of Baguio, city officials have decided to increase the daily tourist arrivals from 500 to 1,000.
  • There is no age limit to tourists, as long as they are healthy, not pregnant (for women), and without COVID-19 symptoms.
  • As soon as all documentary requirements are complete, your travel request shall be confirmed within 24, hours.
  • Others who may be more technically proficient can assist you in the process.
  • For your convenience, you may engage with travel agents who can assist in creating your Baguio VISITA account and register your travel. They can also issue electronic QTPs.
  • The QR-coded Tourist Pass (QTP) may be printed on paper.
  • Better if on hard paper like an ID, or laminated.
  • For tourists, no need for travel authority from point of origin.
  • The documents you need to upload in VISITA are your valid ID, current photo, COVID-19 test results or testing form.
  • At the checkpoint, you only need to present your QTP, as issued to you via email after confirmation of your travel request.
  • With a valid QTP, checkpoint officers will direct you to proceed immediately to the triage.
  • Registration of minors can be done by their parent or legal guardian, using a newly created email managed by parent/guardian.
  • For required VISITA documents, ID of the parent/guardian may be uploaded, except for the current photo and COVID-19 test forms.
  • Yes, all tourists will need to register in VISITA and must comply with COVID-19 test requirements.
  • As soon as you receive your QTP, you are ready to go.
  • Just present QTP at the border checkpoint and you will be directed to proceed to the triage center.
  • Be reminded to also bring a copy of your test result or accomplished testing form at the triage.
  • LSIs, returning residents, workers, and students
  • APORs and other official business travels
  • Drop & go and passing through travelers
  • Travels for medical purposes

city tourism office baguio

On Travel, Tour and Accommodation Concern

  • Victory Liner Announced Opening of their Baguio Routes
  • Victory liner opens Baguio Olongapo Routes
  • You may use a private vehicle or request tour transport from your travel agent.
  • Within the city, there are already taxis and jeepneys plying around the city.
  • Yes, all types of tours are now allowed, as long as the address where they are staying and contact person in Baguio are declared.
  • Yes, as long as the area is not on hard lockdown, where there is an identified local outbreak.
  • As a safer option, book in accommodation establishments that had been issued with Certificate of Authority to Operate or Certificate of Compliance, then you may just meet with relatives and friends in safer areas.
  • Tourists can stay for any number of days in Baguio.
  • For your safety, you can only book your accommodation with registered hotels or accommodation establishments.
  • If they are not on the list, they are not yet registered.
  • Yes, as long as the area is not on hard lockdown, where there is identified local outbreak.
  • For your safety, it is highly recommended that meeting with your friends and family be done in open spaces or establishments with a Certificate of Compliance.
  • Yes, but in coordination with the LGU.
  • For convenient entry, arrange a tour in BLISTT areas with an accredited tour and travel agents.
  • Each LGU has its own requirements and protocols, so you need to comply with such separately.
  • As a passing-through traveler, you’ll need to register also in the city’s
  • QTP must be secured and saved prior to travel.
  • Since we are still regulating the number of tourists coming in, walk-ins are not yet allowed.
  • Not following city health and safety protocols and guidelines is a violation under RA 11469 or “Bayanihan To Heal As One Act” and/or RA 11332 or “Mandatory Reporting of Notifiable Diseases and Health Events of Public Heath Concern Act” and therefore will be subjected to legal procedures.

On Testing Requirements and Health Protocols

  • Testing upon arrival is an option.
  • For P1,300.00, a Rapid Antigen test is available at the Central Triage in CAP John Hay or Baguio Convention Center.
  • Any DOH-approved testing methods can be used.
  • For now, it is the RT-PCR test and Rapid Antigen test, either of which should be done 72 hours prior to arrival, or an Antigen test done in Baguio upon arrival.
  • Testing is NOT mandatory for tourists below 18 years old at the triage, unless symptomatic.
  • If symptomatic, parents or guardians shall decide if child will undergo COVID-19 test.
  • Not necessarily.
  • Re-test or any confirmatory test in Baguio shall only be required when tourists start to manifest COVID-19 symptoms.
  • Also, if required by the home LGU when returning back home.
  • Yes, there is no medical reference that says otherwise.
  • Antigen test is done by a nasal swab, which may cause a little discomfort up the nose.
  • Yes, it is required that everyone entering the city, will undergo triage upon arrival.
  • We have two triage centers.
  • If arriving between 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, proceed to the CAP triage in John Hay.
  • For those arriving beyond the said hours, proceed to Baguio Convention Center triage, which is open 24 hours.
  • During triage, your health declaration and test results will be verified by the triage medical staff for confirmation and validation.
  • The interview will take only 3 to 5 minutes.
  • But if tourists opted for a test in the triage, the testing form will have to be presented.
  • Test can be up to 10 minutes, and results will be available in 15 to 30 minutes.
  • A waiting area is provided for those waiting for results.
  • First, an RT-PCR confirmatory test will be conducted.
  • While waiting for results, the patient will be brought to one of the city-managed isolation centers, where lodging and food, provided.
  • When the result turns out to be positive, coordination and arrangement will be made with home LGU for the transfer back home.
  • Transportation back home will be arranged and shouldered by the city and home LGU.

For Updates

For updates on the guidelines for tourist going to Baguio, check out the official pages of the city:

  • PIO-City of Baguio Facebook page
  • City of Baguio Website
  • Baguio Tourism Facebook page
  • Baguio Visita Facebook Page
  • Baguio Visita Webiste

For More News and Updates

Keep up with what’s happening within and beyond the City of Baguio. Frequently visit our  Baguio City Guide website  and like and follow our official  Baguio City Guide Facebook page  to catch the latest news and updates. Stay safe everyone!

Source:  Public Information Office – City of Baguio ,  Baguio Tourism , The City Government of Baguio| Official Website , Baguio Tourism| Facebook| Nov. 3, 2020

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Top 19 Tourist Spots in Baguio Philippines: Scenic Parks, Art Museums, Strawberry Farm

Top 19 Tourist Spots in Baguio Philippines: Scenic Parks, Art Museums, Strawberry Farm

Myjel Alinea Guevarra

1. Go Boating at Burnham Park

  • 2. Feast on Local Cuisine at The Farmer's Daughter

3. Explore Camp John Hay

4. head to mines view park, 5. visit strawberry farms in la trinidad.

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  • 18. Stop by the Ifugao Woodcarver's Village

19. Check out the Colors of StoBoSa

Baguio tourist spots Burnham Park and Strawberry Farm

Find out why Baguio is one of the top tourist destinations in the Philippines for both local and international tourists. Learn about the top Baguio tourist spots you shouldn't miss and explore in Baguio tours at this mountainous region with help from this guide.

Visit one of the most family-friendly destinations in the Philippines — Baguio . While the capital and big cities of Metro Manila and other lowlands hit scorching temperatures during the dry season, the weather here is relatively cold, making it one of the top choices for a staycation in the Philippines  or workation  among locals.

If you're coming from the city, you can easily rent a car in Manila  so you can go on Baguio tours . There are also many options when it comes to hotels in Baguio City , so you won't have a hard time finding one that suits your needs. The romantic atmosphere also makes it a favorite for those looking for vacation packages for couples .

Top 19 Tourist Spots in Baguio Philippines: Scenic Parks, Art Museums, Strawberry Farm

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It has the temperature rising to just 26˚C on a typical summer day. If you want to enjoy outdoor activities in the Philippines during the summer season without the sweltering heat, then Baguio is the place for you.

Baguio is dubbed as the "City of Pines" and is famous for its green park spaces, hillsides teeming with gigantic pine trees, and other North Luzon tourist spots . Even back in the day, the city has always been filled with greeneries. 

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  • Check out our Cebu to Baguio itinerary , Cebu to Siargao itinerary , and Cebu to Dumaguete itinerary if you're looking to explore more top destinations from Cebu. 

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Tourist spots in Baguio grew in number over the years, and several of its parks started offering other activities. Nowadays, you can chill out in one of these Baguio parks and spend a whole day just trying out everything that it has to offer. 

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Chilly dusk in Baguio City, Philippines

If it's your first time in the city and are wondering where to go in Baguio, put Burnham Park on your list. Considered as the city's "mother of all parks," Burnham Park is one of Baguio's best attractions. It was named after urban planner Daniel Burnham, the American architect who came up with the original design and layout of the park.

Burnham Park is an open green park at the heart of Baguio. The park's lush greeneries and blooming flowers make you forget that you are in the middle of a highly urbanized city.

Burnham Park is very accessible; it is located along Harrison Road and is just a stone's throw from the famous Baguio thoroughfare, Session Road. There are also several hotels that are within walking distance of the park, including Holiday Inn Baguio City Centre and Eurotel Baguio .

The park boasts multiple clusters that offer different activities and attractions such as the Children's Playground, Rose Garden, Orchidarium, Picnic Grove, Igorot Garden, and much more.

Top 19 Tourist Spots in Baguio Philippines: Scenic Parks, Art Museums, Strawberry Farm

See our popular Burnham Park Tours

Aside from those attractions, Burnham Park is best known for the picturesque centuries-old artificial lake at its center. If there is one thing you must experience at Burnham Park, it is boating at the famous Burnham Lagoon. It's one of the best things to do in Baguio City.

There are several boats you can rent here. The best part is that they are easy to operate so that you can row it on your own.

Trying out excursions in Burnham Park is an excellent way to get away from the crowd. Secondly, it's a good take on the beauty of Burnham Park and enjoys the cool Baguio breeze.

Last but not least, boating in Burnham lagoon at sunset makes for a memorable experience if you're traveling with a loved one. So go ahead and rent a boat and go rowing! 

2. Feast on Local Cuisine at The Farmer's Daughter

If you want to taste authentic traditional Filipino dishes , there's no better place to go than The Farmer's Daughter, one of the most popular Baguio restaurants  

This unassuming nipa hut restaurant on the outskirts of Baguio will take your tastebuds by surprise. It's thanks to the essential cooking techniques they employ and fresh local ingredients they use.

The Farmer's Daughter serves home-cooked regional cuisine centered on smoked meats, fresh vegetables, and native wines. 

They may be humble home-cooked dishes, but you'll be surprised by how packed they are with potent flavors that will make you crave for more. Be sure to try their best-sellers; the Pinikpikan, Etag, and Pinuneg. 

Pinikpikan is an Igorot dish. The Igorots are one of the indigenous tribes in the Cordillera region, and they follow a unique ritual in preparing the chicken soup. 

The Etag, on the other hand, is sundried or smoked pork. The meat is cured in salt for a week, and then either sundried or smoked for several weeks.

Pinuneg is the Ibaloi Tribe's signature sausage. What makes it unique is that unlike ordinary sausages, it's not made from ground meat.

 It is pig's blood sauteed in onions and other local spices. If you fancy exotic native cuisine, The Farmer's Daughter Restaurant certainly will not disappoint you.

pine tree forest inside Camp John Hay

If you have limited time to tour Baguio attractions and you want to visit just one place, head to Camp John Hay. The camp was a former rest and recreation facility for American soldiers. 

Today it has become one of the best places to visit in Baguio over the years, mainly because it houses must-see tourist spots in one convenient area. Some might even consider it as the best tourist spot in Baguio City.

This expansive recreational complex offers tourists tons of fun activities. It highlights the best that Baguio has to offer, which are pine trees, fresh air, cool breeze, and a serene atmosphere. It's a great option if you're looking for things to do in Baguio with your family.

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You can go to a heart-pumping eco-adventure or commune with nature. Treetop Adventure inside Camp John Hay offers several thrilling rides, including the Superman Ride (zipline), Tree Drop (harnessed free fall), and Canopy Ride. 

Here, you can visit a world-class golf course designed by Jack Nicklaus, where famous tournaments like the annual Fil-Am Golf Tournament are held. If you're not a golf fan, you can visit the Historical Core or the Bell Amphitheater. 

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There's also the Butterfly Sanctuary, where you can see and learn about various species of butterflies. If you're into hiking, you'll love the pine-tree lined Yellow Trail in Camp John Hay.

That's just scratching the surface. Not only does Camp John Hay have a lot more to offer, but this famous place in Baguio City has also evolved into a commercial complex with a staycation hotel , shopping, and dining establishments, all while retaining its natural charm. If you want to experience everything that this place has to offer, book a stay at The Forest Lodge at Camp John Hay . Trying out activities in Camp John Hay is highly-recommended.

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Cordillera mountain view from the Mines View Park at night

Baguio was a former mining town in the early 20th century. To get a glimpse of that past, you have to visit Mines View Park. This park sits on a ridge on the northeast side of Baguio. Exploring the park is one of the recommended  leisure activities in Baguio .

As such, its main attraction is a viewing deck that offers a stunning view of the Cordillera Mountains and Benguet's old copper and gold mines.

Tourists are given a chance to dress in traditional Ifugao garbs like bahag (loincloth), vests, and headdresses, and even hold a shield and spear for picture-taking.

Top 19 Tourist Spots in Baguio Philippines: Scenic Parks, Art Museums, Strawberry Farm

Mines View Park is also a great spot to buy souvenirs. There are several shops here that sell woven items, knitted garments, wooden souvenirs, as well as silverworks.

You will also find rows of succulents, flowers, and bonsai trees you can purchase.

freshly picked strawberries from the strawberry farms in La Trinidad

Visiting the strawberry farm in nearby La Trinidad along with other attractions is one of the top experiences you can't miss out on when you're in the Summer Capital.

The weather in the North is perfect for growing several kinds of vegetables and fruits, but nothing is more popular and delicious than the plump red strawberries here.

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Baguio strawberry picking & city tour with transfers from manila, bohol strawberry farm private tour with transfers.

La Trinidad, the capital of Benguet, is about 30 minutes from the Baguio town proper. This municipality is where you'll find hectares of land dedicated to growing strawberries to supply the rest of the country. It is one of the most frequented Benguet tourist spots .

If you want to take your Baguio experience even further, there is no better way than to try strawberry picking in Baguio , in the La Trinidad Strawberry Farms.

Freshly picked strawberries at Strawberry Farm in La Trinidad, Benguet

The activity is open from November to May every year. The rates for the event vary. If you leave the work to the professionals, you can buy freshly picked strawberries near the exits of the farm.

Aside from strawberries, you can also purchase fresh flowers and choose from a wide selection of fresh vegetables. Don't forget to try the treats like fresh Strawberry Ice Cream and Strawberry Taho, as well.

  6. Appreciate Art at BenCab Museum

Baguio is home to a vibrant art scene; from contemporary Filipino art to the distinctive traditional architecture of the Cordillera Region. 

Whether you're an art aficionado or you're looking to deepen your appreciation for Filipino art, then be sure to drop by at BenCab Museum.

BenCab Museum is home to the permanent collection of Philippine National Artist Benedicto Cabrera. It also serves as a venue for art shows and exhibitions. 

The museum has several themed galleries. One of which is a gallery dedicated to original Cordillera art pieces such as sculptures, weapons, and paintings. Immersions in Bencab Museum is one of the best ways to enjoy the province and can also be enjoyed as a rainy season activity in the Philippines .

See our popular Bencab Museum Tours

Baguio city creative private day tour with snacks & transfers + optional lunch & upgrades, baguio museum and arts tour with lunch & transfers, baguio & benguet farms, gardens & museum tour with lunch & transfers.

One of the prominent exhibits is BenCab's bulol collection. Bulol is an Ifugao rice god figurine carved from Narra wood. You won't miss this exhibit, as the display occupies a whole wall in the museum. 

Another fascinating exhibition is the Erotica Gallery, which features several paintings and sculptures that explore sensuality.

There is also the Indigo Gallery, which features the works of several renowned Filipino contemporary artists. 

Of course, the highlight of the museum is the gallery of BenCab himself. The BenCab Gallery houses the National Artist's masterpieces, which mostly feature Sabel, his best-known muse.  

Sabel was a real scavenger woman whom BenCab saw and photographed in 1965. She has since been the subject of several of BenCab's paintings.

Aside from the galleries, BenCab Museum also has a restaurant. Cafe Sabel serves the Cabrera family recipes and uses ingredients that are grown from the museum's garden. Joining a museum tour in Baguio is worth it.

entrance to the Tam-awan Village

If you want to explore to learn more about the region's indigenous art forms, go on a Cordillera heritage tour and start with Tam-Awan Village. 

Built by the Chanum Foundation in 1998, Tam-Awan Village is modeled after native Ifugao villages to give people a glimpse of the other parts of the region.

The word Tam-Awan in the local dialect means vantage point. An apt name since the Tam-Awan Village sits on a hillside with a panoramic view of the South China Sea. 

With a stunning vista and lush greenery, you'll surely enjoy exploring the several Cordillera huts scattered around Tam-Awan Village. You can also go on a quick hike to several viewing decks in the village.

See our popular Tam-Awan Village Tours

If you're not too keen on hiking, check out the art galleries in Tam-Awan Village. The village also holds regular exhibitions and cultural shows from both local and visiting artists.

For a more immersive experience, join Tam-Awan village tours and register for any of their workshops in drawing, oil painting, watercolor, and wood carving.

For those who want to stay for more than a day, the village also has a cafe where you can taste authentic Cordilleran dishes, as well as huts for lodging.

baguio night market busy scene

If you're unsure of what to do in Baguio at night, drop by the Baguio Night Market. Baguio is a famous bargain shopping hotspot. If you want to put your haggling skills to the test, there is no better place than the Baguio Night Market. This bargain-hunting haven is every thrifty fashionista's dream.

From 9:00 PM to 2:00 AM, a part of Harrison Road at the northeast of Burnham Park transforms into a flea market. Here you can find everything to complete a casual look without burning a hole through your wallet, thanks to the rows of ukay-ukay stalls. 

Ukay-ukay is the local term for surplus items shipped from other countries and second-hand apparel such as clothes, bags, and footwear that are sold at bargained prices.

Baguio Night Market is overflowing with ukay-ukay. It's the best place to shop for quality second-hand jackets, boots, clothes, and accessories for a fraction of their original price.

And if you're lucky, or have great thrift-shopping skills, you can score one of a kind vintage finds or even items that are in mint condition. 

After shopping, grab an ear of sweet corn, noodle soup, or other street food at the northern side of the hill.

Top 19 Tourist Spots in Baguio Philippines: Scenic Parks, Art Museums, Strawberry Farm

Wright Park is one of the many scenic parts of Baguio. It is a quiet promenade with blossoming flowers, a pool lined with pine trees, and a long stairway that leads visitors to a riding circle.

Wright Park is considerably smaller than Burnham Park, but it is also less crowded and more peaceful. It is located in the eastern part of Baguio and fronts the main gate of The Mansion.

Wright Park's long rectangular pond is called the "Pool of Pines," which could not be a more perfect name as the length of the lake is flanked by pine trees on both sides. 

There is also a park circle and pavilion where you can sit, relax, and listen to the swaying pine. Wright Park is an open green space, so feel free to stroll around and admire its natural beauty.

Wright Park is often called Ride Park, an understandable mistake since the park is known for its horseback-riding activity. 

Indeed, Wright Park is the perfect place for people who love horses and want to learn how to ride one. It’s a great addition to the tourist spots often included on a day trip in Baguio . Follow the long stairway at the far end of Wright Park to reach the Riding Circle.

There you'll find several horses you can hire and ride around in the vicinity. If you're traveling with kids, good news! There are friendly ponies that are perfect for children.

Rest assured, every horse has an experienced handler who will guide and watch riders at all times. If it's your first time, the driver will lead the horse and walk alongside you as you ride.

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Atok gardens day tour with transfers from baguio | northern blossom, sakura park & tayao gardens, 10. spend time at the mansion .

View of The Mansion in Baguio City, Philippines

Located on the eastern side of the city, it right in front of the idyllic Wright Park. This grand palace is easily one of the most photographed landmarks in Baguio. 

Although the main gate is open to the public, visitors are only allowed in The Mansion House Museum, where tourists can check out presidential memorabilia.

Aside from exploring the museum, the only other activity you can do here is picture-taking. So don't be shy about taking tons of photographs!

  • View other picture-perfect locations with our list of Philippines luxury resorts

The Mansion's elegant main building is inspired by the Spanish Colonial Revival design, making it an excellent backdrop for any picture. You can also snap photos in front of the ornate iron gate or by the beautifully manicured lawn.

3D2N Le Monet Hotel Baguio Package in Camp John Hay with Daily Breakfast & Art Museums Tour

bridge inside the baguio botanical garden

The Baguio Botanical Garden is one of the most beautiful places in Baguio and provides a much-needed tranquil space amid bustling Baguio City. In 2009, the garden was renamed Centennial Park in celebration of Baguio's 100th year as the Summer Capital of the Philippines. 

However, it is more known as the Botanical Garden.

Exploring the garden is a whole adventure on its own, as it has several sections with different attractions. As you enter the park, you will be greeted by a giant sculpture. 

This bronze masterpiece is the work of Ben Hur Villanueva, a renowned Filipino sculptor. The statue represents the of the Cordillerans, Americans, Chinese, and Japanese in building Baguio.

Filled with pine trees, the Botanical Garden has two purposes. It serves a hideaway from the often crowded Baguio. It also houses nurseries dedicated to propagating flora that will eventually be replanted in the parks and gardens of Baguio. 

With the abundance of trees and different plants, the Baguio Botanical Garden is truly a great place to unwind. You can explore the various sections, sit by the benches, or have a snack under the cottages.

You will find pocket gardens and pavilions dedicated to Baguio's sister cities in countries such as South Korea, Japan, China, Canada, Thailand, and the USA.

These sections are decorated with symbols that represent each city. There are also relics from the Igorot Village, such as giant statues depicting different Cordillera tribes.

Top 19 Tourist Spots in Baguio Philippines: Scenic Parks, Art Museums, Strawberry Farm

Aside from the pasalubong stores around Mines View Park, do not forget to drop by at the Good Shepherd Convent that is just a stones' throw away. 

Their acclaimed peanut brittle, ube, and strawberry jam have become synonymous with Baguio pasalubong. They are also now offering baked goodies like Lengua de Gato and alfajores, homemade ice cream, and strawberry-calamansi juice.

Nuns and volunteers from the international congregation The Religious of the Good Shepherd Sisters run the convent, with profits from Good Shepherd going to charity. 

Students of the Mountain Maid Training Center and Development Inc. create the products as part of the congregation's livelihood program to poor female students from Kalinga and Bontoc.

Be prepared to either line up for at least 30 minutes as you wait to be serviced or get heartbroken when your desired product goes out of stock.

Though, you may enjoy taking photos from the convent's view deck with the Cordillera Mountains as your background.

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Holiday inn baguio city centre, eurotel baguio, oyo 175 hotel elegant.

structure of the baguio cathedral

Formally known as the Our Lady of Atonement Cathedral, the Baguio Cathedral stands atop Mount Mary Hill, or what the Ibalois call "Kampo." 

The church is known for its Neo-Gothic style, as evidenced by its twin spires and its rose-colored exterior with stained-glass windows.

During World War II, it served as an evacuation center. Baguio Cathedral is also the largest Catholic church in the city. As it is built on top of a hill, it gives visitors an awe-inspiring bird' s-eye view of Session Road and the whole of Baguio. 

The Baguio Cathedral can be reached by climbing a 104-step staircase.

If you want to cut some time and effort, the road up the hill is accessible to cars. You can also climb the escalators of Porta Vaga Shopping Mall in Session Road and exit at the top floor, as it'll lead onto the church's parking grounds.

Statue at Bell Church in Baguio City, Philippines

Bell Church was founded in 1960 by Ng Pee, a Chinese immigrant from the Canton Region. 

This Chinese temple is primarily influenced by Taoist architecture, but it also features a fusion of Buddhist symbols and follows ancient Chinese methods of construction.

Upon arriving at Bell Church, an ornate arch with dragon highlights and Chinese inscriptions will greet you. In front of the temple, you will find two octagonal lotus ponds that resemble a Bagua.

In Chinese culture, it represents the concept of rebirth and immortality. As you explore the church grounds, prepared to be entranced by the soaring pagodas, dragons, and lion statues, of course, the bells that decorate Bell Church.

Bell Church's pagodas feature images of saints and the Buddha. Past the opposing dragon figures, you will find a charming koi pond where you can make a wish.

You can go to the central patio of Bell Church to witness a panoramic view of the surrounding hills. 

Top 19 Tourist Spots in Baguio Philippines: Scenic Parks, Art Museums, Strawberry Farm

Baguio is a melting pot of diverse Cordilleran culture. The Baguio Museum stands as a reminder of that and the city's storied past and rich cultural and historical heritage. 

The museum was built to resemble a traditional Ifugao home. It has wood and stone, and it features a pyramid roof that has two towering concrete poles at the stair entrance.

Baguio is part of Benguet Province and the greater Cordillera Region. The main floor of the building is dedicated to the craftsmanship of the provinces of the Cordillera region: Benguet, Ifugao, Kalinga, Mountain Province, Apayao, and Abra. 

You will find various tribal artifacts, native jewelry, apparel, fabrics, and musical instruments encased by protective glass panels.

If you're curious about what the lives of the indigenous Cordilleran tribes look like, the miniature dioramas in the museum will give you a picture.

Aside from the exhibits, the museum has educational clippings and photographs where you can learn more about the history of Baguio and the different tribes in Cordillera.

Baguio Museum also houses models of the different huts used by tribes in ancient times. Even more fascinating is the museum's collection of burial jars and carved wooden coffins, one of which contains a real mummified body! 

So, if you're a museum lover, don't forget to stop by the Baguio Museum on your  Cordillera heritage tour . 

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As you can tell by now, Baguio is full of surprises. And as if the one discussed above is not enough, this perpetually cold city has one more natural attraction that will take you by surprise.   

16 kilometer northwest of Baguio lies the hot springs of Tuba, Benguet. Known as the Asin Hot Springs, these thermal and therapeutic springs are the perfect spot for relaxation and rejuvenation.

Because of its considerable distance from the city center, Asin Hot Springs is one of the most underrated destinations in the province of Benguet. 

Although the pools are tiled, the waters that fill them are natural and come straight from the mountains. The springs are even said to have healing properties.

For instance, the hotness of the water is known to soothe muscle pains, while the sulfuric water stimulates blood circulation and moisturizes the skin. Take a dip and feel your stress wash away.

Aside from the soothing thermal water, Asin Hot Spring offers visitors scenic mountain views and lush vegetation. There are also different facilities, such as pools for adults and children-friendly ones.

Have an Asin Hot Spring experience and enjoy the stunning views of the mountainside while soaking.

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hand-woven cloth in easter weaving room

To complete your Baguio city culture and countryside tour, stop by the Easter Weaving Room. Established in 1909, Easter Weaving Room is as old as Baguio itself. 

It is also one of the few places in Baguio where you can witness authentic traditional weaving techniques practiced by the natives of the Cordillera Region. It’s a great addition to a day trip in Baguio .

Easter Weaving Room has a work area where you can watch weavers do their magic on the looms with multi-colored threads. 

You also get to witness the intricacy of making the exquisite Montanosa cloth, which a colorful hand-woven cloth unique to the Cordillera Region.

Aside from watching weavers work, you can also go around and check out the Easter Weaving Room's displays. 

traditional weaving of cloth in baguio

You can also purchase those items, as well as baskets and wood carvings.

Compared to other woven products sold around Baguio, the quality of the items made in the Easter Weaving room is superior and, most of the time, even cheaper.

18. Stop by the Ifugao Woodcarver's Village

Another great spot to buy souvenirs in Baguio is the  Ifugao Woodcarver's Village . 

Stretching for 3 kilometers long along Asin Road, the Woodcarver's Village is the largest concentration of veteran and budding local woodcarvers in Baguio. 

Here traditional crafts and skills of weaving and woodcarving that span back decades are practiced and passed on to the next generations. Ifugao woodcarvers are recognized as the best among Cordillera tribes in this art form.

The village is famous for its excellent quality wood carvings. From small critical chains to towering statues of Igorot tribesmen, you will be stunned by the variety of hand-made crafts the Ifugao Woodcarvers Village.

Woodcarver's village showcases the indigenous aesthetics of the region, its natural environment, and the rich cultural heritage of the Cordillerans through wood carving.

Subjects of the carved items are mostly associated with the Cordillera, the indigenous people, and animals. They are also commonly religious icons, household items, furniture, signs, and key chains.

Buy some souvenirs and support the local woodcarving industry.

Top 19 Tourist Spots in Baguio Philippines: Scenic Parks, Art Museums, Strawberry Farm

The shanty-covered hills of La Trinidad used to be an eyesore in otherwise scenic countryside. 

Inspired by the Favelas of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil and the Gamcheon Cultural Village of South Korea, the local government sought to transform the bleak hillside communities of La Trinidad.

Today, the houses of Stonehill, Botiw-tiw, and Sadjap (StoBoSa) have become an expansive life-sized art piece collectively called the StoBoSa Hillside Homes Artwork. 

Also known as the Colors of StoBoSa, it comprises of around 200 houses over an area of 18,000 square meters. If the sheer expanse of it is not enough to wow you, the vibrant hues of this massive art piece will.

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Visit Baguio and Enjoy its Cool Atmosphere

Pine trees in Baguio City

It continues to put the spotlight on the significance of the Cordilleran culture to the city, as well as celebrate the creativity and hard work of its people.

  • Book this  1-week Ilocos Baguio Sagada tour package
  • Read about the Baguio travel requirements for a hassle-free trip.

Indeed, the Summer Capital of the country has something for every kind of visitor. Your Baguio itinerary will never run out of places to visit, things to do, places to explore, lessons to learn, and food to eat in the City of Pines. You might even discover hidden tourist spots in Baguio on your next visit! 

Get the most out of your Baguio trip and plan your itinerary now. Check out our Baguio tours and activities that will let you experience the different sides of the province outside of the usual tourist destinations. If you are traveling in a large group, you can rent a car to Baguio or book a van to Baguio for rent .  Looking for other romantic destinations in the Philippines? Check out our honeymoon packages for other options. For a hassle-free experience, use our online trip booking services for Baguio tour packages  or for other Philippine tour packages .

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Baguio Itinerary: Ultimate Travel Guide 2023

Photo of a man enjoying the view in Baguio City

Baguio City is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Philippines. Filipinos love visiting this place because of its cool climate, stunning views, affordable food, and rich culture and heritage. Our team regularly travels to this beautiful city in the mountains; thus, we created the Ultimate Baguio Itinerary Travel Guide.

Post Updated: September 7, 2023: We updated the travel requirements mandated by Baguio City’s tourism office. We also added the new 24-hour tourism hotline for any concerns. You can call the tourism office at (074) 446 2009. Additionally, we created a Google Map List of places to eat and tourist spots to visit that you can add to your smartphone for easier access. Head to the best restaurants and places to visit section of this post.

  • Basic Information and Brief History

Create a Visita Account and Generate QTP

  • Baguio Accredited Travel and Tours Agencies
  • 2 Days and 1 Night
  • 3 Days and 2 Nights

Best Hotel in Baguio

Best restaurants in baguio, tourist spots in baguio.

  • Best Month to Visit and Festivals

Baguio City: Basic Information and Brief History

Baguio is a highly urbanized city located in the province of Benguet. It is also known as the Summer Capital of the Philippines due to its chilly year-round environment. The city sits 4810 feet (1466 meters) above sea level, and its location is conducive to cultivating different root crops and vegetables.

Baguio City is also abundant in history. During the American Colonial Period in the 1900s, the US Military used Baguio as a hill station. Daniel Burnham, an urban designer, plans the whole city’s distinct layout. Unfortunately, during World War II, the Japanese attacked Camp John Hay, turning the city into ruins.

Currently, Baguio City is one of the most famous tourist spots in the country. But, who could imagine this mountainous city has a lot of historical moments that shaped the Philippines today?

Photo of Different Places in Baguio City

Baguio Travel Requirements 2023

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected tourism not just in the Philippines but also around the world. Tourism is one of the economic sources of Baguio City, dramatically influencing people’s livelihood. As the city tries its best to recover from the pandemic, the local government decided to lift some of its travel restrictions to accommodate more tourists around the world.

Before visiting Baguio City, you need to have the following:

  • QR-Code Traveler’s Pass (QTP)
  • Vaccine Card/Certificate

To generate a QTP needed for your travel, please follow these steps:

  • Create a  Baguio Visita Account  at
  • Click ‘Schedule a Visit.’
  • Create and schedule your travel by filling out the fields of information given (travel details, accommodation, travel agent details, place of origin, transportation details, and vaccination category), then click the “PROCEED” button.

As per Baguio’s tourism office, registration through the Visita Website is still mandatory for non-residents and non-employees of Baguio City. Additionally, group registration is also available on the Visita Website. You can do that by doing the following:

  • Inside your Visita Account, go to My Travels.
  • Click the ‘Add a Companion’ button and type the details needed.

Please visit the Baguio Visita Website at for more details. You can also contact their 24-hour tourism hotline at (074) 446 2009 for any concerns.

Baguio Accredited Travel and Tours Agency

For a seamless travel experience in Baguio City, we recommend contacting a Baguio-accredited travel agency or tour guide before your visit. You can access the list of accredited travel agencies and tour guides through this link: . The local government recommends contacting a tour guide or travel agency before your visit.

Baguio Itinerary

It is important to have a planned itinerary for every vacation. This is vital for everyone to experience a seamless and hassle-free trip. Exploring Baguio City is easy. With proper planning, we can visit the city’s best spots efficiently. This section will feature several itineraries that will fit your needs.

Update: September 7, 2023: These itineraries are designed for DIY purposes. You can still check out these itineraries, which will give you an idea of where to go and what to visit in Baguio City. Again, contacting a travel and tour agency is highly recommended before visiting this beautiful city. Please see the link above for the complete list of accredited travel and tour agencies.

Baguio Itinerary 1 Day: Exploring East Side Only

Photo of mines View Park in Baguio City

This itinerary is suitable for a one-day tour. It is designed for travelers who plan to visit Baguio City as a side trip (for example, coming from Sagada ). It explores the city’s east side with a mix of chill and adventurous notes. The day will start at the stunning view of the Amburayan Valley in Mines View Park and ends in a relaxed way at Starbucks Camp John Hay.

Check the map below for the location of each tourist spot or restaurant mentioned. The map enumerates the places in chronological order.

Baguio Itinerary 2 Days 1 Night: Exploring Part of Baguio + La Trinidad and Tuba in Benguet

Photo of La Trinidad Strawberry Farm

The 2 Days 1 Night Baguio Itinerary explores the tourist spots outside Baguio City with a combination of the previous example. The first day will start at the luscious  Strawberry Farm of La Trinidad in Benguet and follow a southward fashion. The second day will be similar to the Day Tour Itinerary Sample.

The map below chronologically presents the places to visit for Day 1 of the 2D1N Baguio Itinerary. Day 2 is similar to the previous itinerary, so check the last map for reference.

Baguio Itinerary 3 Days and 2 Nights: Exploring Baguio and Certain Parts of Benguet

Photo of Baguio Night Market

This Itinerary explores the popular tourist spots and never-seen places in Baguio. The first day of this Baguio Itinerary will explore the outskirts of the city, specifically the elusive Café in the Sky. The rest of the days will combine the two previous itineraries.

As of September 7, 2023, Cafe in the Sky is closed to the public. We suggest being flexible in your itinerary and visiting other city breakfast cafes.

The map below features the places to visit for Day 1 of the 3D2N Baguio Itinerary. Kindly check the maps posted above for Days 2 and 3 of this trip.

These are our sample itineraries. We have used these itineraries in Baguio City for the last five years, and we hope this information will guide you in planning your next Baguio City Getaway. Now that you know our itineraries, it’s time to see our recommended hotels, restaurants, and other tourist spots in this marvelous city.

When choosing your accommodation, you must consider your budget and preferences. We are here to explore Baguio, not to hit the sack all day in our hotel room. That’s why a cheap yet comfortable room is enough. So please take a look at our recommended hotels and stays in Baguio.

Photo of Microtel in Baguio City

Our Choice: Microtel by Wyndham Baguio City

This is our favorite hotel in Baguio City. Microtel is a three-star hotel that provides outstanding comfort and service to its guest. What we like the most about this place is its location. Microtel is located beside Victory Liner Bus Station and is also accessible to different tourist spots in the city. They also have a complimentary breakfast buffet included in the room package.

Microtel’s rates are slightly expensive, and their standard deluxe room costs around PHP 4,000 a night. But with Agoda, you can book a room online at discounted rates of up to 50% off.  Click this link to see the discounted rates in Microtel.

Baguio City is also best when it comes to food trips. Most restaurants here offer big servings at an affordable price. The servings are so huge that you can share them with friends and family. Here are five of our recommended restaurants and cafes that you should try:

  • Good Taste Restaurant  – Best 24-Hour Restaurant. This food place offers a variety of Filipino Cuisine with huge servings at an affordable price!
  • Oh, My Gulay!  – An artsy place and restaurant located at the heart of Session Road in Baguio.
  • 50’s Diner  – Travel back to the 50s and enjoy the food of the American Era.
  • Baguio Craft Brewery  – Chill at night and have a glass of the best-tasting crafted beers in the city.
  • Lemon and Olives  – The First Greek Restaurant in Baguio City!

Photo: Where to Eat in Baguio

For more details and a complete list of our recommended food places in Baguio,  check out our trending post: Where to Eat in Baguio . In this article, we listed more than ten restaurants and cafes in Baguio, so check it out. If you would like to add a list on your Google Maps on your smartphone, click this link and follow the list that will pop up on your phone:

Baguio City has many tourist attractions that are great for family bonding or spending time with friends. You will surely enjoy exploring these places while savoring the city’s cold climate. Here are five tourist spots you can visit in Baguio City:

  • Burnham Park
  • Baguio Cathedral
  • Camp John Hay
  • Mines View Park
  • Tam-Awan Village

Photo of Baguio Tourist Spots

For more details, you can check our 18 Baguio Tourist Spots to Visit article . It’s a trending article that you should read, and it can also help you plan your vacation in Baguio City. You can also add and follow our tourist spot list on Google Maps on your smartphone. Click this link to add our list on your smartphone:

Other Information

When is the best month to visit baguio city.

It is best to visit Baguio during December, January, and February. These periods are also the most congested since travelers all over the country want to experience a pleasant cool climate. Furthermore, Baguio City celebrates the Panagbenga Flower Festival annually in February .

Visiting Baguio City during March, April, and May is also good, but it will be slightly warmer than the previous months. Avoid visiting Baguio City from September to November due to heavy rains, and some major highways are impassable because of the increased risk of landslides.

Any additional travel tips in Baguio City?

  • One important keyword:  Follow . Follow your itinerary, the city’s safety standards, and the travel and tour agency.
  • Bring your jackets . The night is colder than you think, and wearing a jacket is an added layer of protection against the city’s cold climate.
  • Always keep yourself hydrated . Baguio City is a high-altitude city, and you might experience altitude sickness if you explore the place on foot. Always bring a water bottle with you to avoid getting altitude sickness.
  • Always bring a small bag . In traveling, you might bring a big 30L to 40L backpack full of clothes and things you need for the following days of your trip. Of course, you will not be getting your heavy bags with you during the tour. Keep your main bag in your hotel room or accommodation. Bringing a small bag helps explore the city without the excess weight.
  • Reservations are king . It’s better to reserve things in advance before any trip or activity. Many travelers visit the city daily, and full accommodation is a common problem. Always book your accommodation in advance, it’s better this way than letting yourselves stay in the street braving the cold night.
  • Have an open mind and be responsible . We are all visitors to this place; be sensitive and respect their culture, values, and norms. Avoid throwing trash and be responsible.
  • If you wish to contact any tourism officials in Baguio City, you can visit their tourism Facebook page at: .

Did you find this post helpful? Please share it with your friends, and let us know in the comments section for any updates and suggestions for this post. This post was initially written by Blaine Lucero on February 7, 2019. Updated by Blaine Lucero on September 7, 2023.

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hi. what time po open ang cafe in the sky?

' src=

The last time we visited Cafe in the Sky was in 2017. We arrived at 5 AM and the cafe was already opened. I don’t know if it’s still the same today since that area is closed to the public. Only residents of Baguio City are allowed to enter the area.

Have a safe trip!

' src=

Hi, totoo bang mahirap ang parking area sa mga tourist attraction? My friend told me na mas better iwan ang kotse sa accomodation then mag-taxi nalang?

Hi Carlo, Yes! The traffic is even worse during the holiday season. Most tourists keep their vehicles in their accommodation and ride a cab instead. Pero, it depends on the tourist attraction na pupuntahan ninyo. If you are planning to visit the most crowded places like (Wright Park, Mines View, Botanical Garden, and Session Road), I advise na mag-taxi na lang kayo. For places like BenCab and Strawberry Farm, you can bring your vehicle since medyo malayo na mga ito and baka mapa-mahal pa kayo if mag taxi kayo. Enjoy your upcoming vacation in Baguio!

' src=

Hello! True bang di na need ng QTP/Visita requirements pag nagpuntang Baguio?

Hi Key, I asked the staff from local Baguio Tourism Office and said that QTP is still required when visiting Baguio City. However, based on the experience of my fellow blogger on his recent trip, they are not implementing the QTP strictly anymore. To be safe, just apply for a QTP in case they look for it.

' src=

So helpful . Thank you!

My pleasure, Jessica! Enjoy your trip to Baguio City 🙂

' src=

So detailed. Btw, may we ask how much is the estimated amount for the itinerary of 3 days and 2 nights? Thank you so much!

Hi Belle, for a group of 4 people. The estimated budget would be around PHP 2000 to PHP 3000 per head.

' src=

Very helpful and detailed information indeed. Thank you so much. Do you have any updates to these places as of now in 2022? My family is planning to spend Christmas in Baguio City.

Hi Christine, I’m glad that we’re able to help! Enjoy your trip! 😁

' src=

Thanks a lot this is rly helpful! Hope you can update this for the Christmas season if you have time.

Hi Queeni, just hang in there. We will post the updated itineraries by the end of this week. Thanks!

' src=

Thank you for updating this and for creating itineraries we can follow.

It’s our pleasure! Our team is at Baguio City right now and we will update this post even further in the coming weeks. Stay safe always!

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Baguio is the most beautiful place to visit in Philippines. I like it so much and thanks for sharing the detailed information which was really very helpful. Thank you and keep posting!

Glad you like our post and thank you as well for the motivating words. 😀😀

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Your blogs and vlogs are very informative and not boring. Keep eating guys! 🙂

Hello Pheng! Thank you! Your kind words encouraged us to do better for the blog. God bless! ^_^

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I love the part you mentioned Baguio having bigger servings that’s very helpful. This was a great and informative read!

Thank you so much for visiting our blog. I’m glad to know that you find our content helpful. ^_^

' src=

Hi is there entrance fee in Secret garden ?

' src=

Want to avail this tour, asking for assistance and contact details?

Thank you for visiting our blog Andy. We are not offering tours. This post serves as a guide for DIY travelers and if you need a travel and tours company to help you in your Baguio Vacation, I can recommend one.

' src=

Thank you! I’ve booked a solo 7-day trip to Baguio and I honestly don’t know where to go. This itinerary helps a lot!

It’s our pleasure Reeseruna. I hope you had a wonderful trip ^_^

' src=

Strawberry ice cream is really something that no one should miss when visiting La Trinidad farms.

Di ko knows yung Cogcoga. Akala ko bundok lang nandoon.

It was an unexpected turn haha. We discovered a high-altitude community filled with joyous and enthusiastic people 🙂

Baguio will always be my second favorite city after Legazpi City, Albay where I grew up.

Nakakatuwa kasi Good Taste din ang una kong hinahanap pagbaba ko pa lang ng bus sa VLiner. Fresh and generous!

Nakacheck in na din ako sa Bed and Bath kaso I really don’t prefer dormitory styles at di ko bet CR nila. Though it’s cheap and very accessible sa down town.Pero last time we were there to ask tariffs, pogi yung front desk lols!

I went to Legazpi City last 2011, I think it’s time to revisit your home city again 🙂

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Baguio City Tourism Office - City Government of Baguio

The Tourism and Special Events Division or commonly known as the City Tourism Office is the lone division under the Office for City Administration that manages and coordinates Baguio City’s tourism-related endeavors and special events.

Address Baguio Convention Center, 2600 Baguio City, Philippines

Phone Number +630744421007

Categories Government organization, Government Building

GPS Coordinates 16.4063 , 120.60028

Government Organizations in Philippines

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  • Microtel by Wyndham Baguio 3 ★ Upper Session Road, Baguio
  • El Cielito Inn - Baguio 3 ★ 50 Northdrive Engineer's Hill, Baguio
  • Casa Vallejo 3 ★ Upper Session Road, Luneta Hill, Baguio
  • Baguio Crown Legacy Hotel 3 ★ Kisad Road, Baguio
  • Inn Rocio 2 ★ 68 Kisad Road , Baguio
  • Chalet Baguio 3 ★ Upper Military Cutoff Road, Baguio
  • 1896 Bed and Breakfast 1 ★ 47 Kisad Road, Montinola Subdivision, Baguio

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  • Baguio City Tourism Office - City Government Of Baguio

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HERALD EXPRESS | News in Cordillera and Northern Luzon

Baguio tourist arrivals rise by 15.7 percent

Dexter A. See

Photo by Armando M. Bolislis

BAGUIO CITY  – The City Planning and Development Office (CPDO) bared that the city continues to surpass the tourism figures recorded by the local government during the previous years, a clear indication that the city remains one of the preferred tourist destinations in the country.

City Planning and Development officer Engr. Evelyn G. Cayat disclosed that based on the data obtained from the City Tourism Office, over 1,760,729 tourists visited Baguio City last year, a 15.7 percent increase from the recorded 1,521,748 tourist arrivals in 2017.

Further, the city planning officer noted that existing accommodation establishments in the different parts of the city employed some 2,963 individuals last year that contributed in the provision of more jobs for qualified residents from the city’s 128 barangays.

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Colors of baguio, tuba mayor urges tourists to visit pristine destinations, da-car employees trained on filipino brand of service excellence.

However, the City Tourism Office is still working on a system to be able to cull out the data from these accommodation establishments to determine the actual number of tourists to the city in line with the city ordinance requiring the tourism-related establishments operating in the city to submit data on visitors patronizing their establishments so that close to real figures on tourist arrivals could be determined to guide policy makers and decision makers in the crafting of programs, projects and activities to improve the local tourism industry.

With such a monitoring system, the city government can entice the active participation of tourism industry stakeholders to honestly declare the number of visitors patronising their establishments during a certain period of time and their data can be used by the concerned office in ascertaining the close to real number of visitors that visited the city.

On the other hand, the city government is also studying the a mechanism for the recording of day visitors as it is observed that there is a spike in the city’s daytime population.

Cayat’s office has not disaggregated data on tourist arrivals in the city, especially on the number of foreign and domestic visitors who came to the city during the given period.

city tourism office baguio

She explained Baguio City still remains a prime tourist destination in the country because foreign and domestic tourists continue to flock to the mountain resort city even with some  negative publicity from some quarters.

Baguio continues to bank on its cool weather as its natural pull for foreign and domestic visitors to flock to the city and enjoy their well-deserved break from the scorching heat of the lowland areas as it remains the undisputed Summer Capital of the country for decades since it was declared as such by the Philippine Commission in 1903.

By Dexter A. See Banner photo by Armando M. Bolislis

Domogan, Magalong lead in online survey

Mangaoang urges politicians to be sincere, honest, dexter a. see.

Herald Express is a news organization based in Baguio City that has a weekly publication and an online news portal. The newspaper is circulated in the different provinces of Northern Luzon. The name of the fastest-growing publication in town is coined from the word ‘quick messenger’ which is self-explanatory. Our motto ‘we deliver the balanced news that matters to you’ was conceptualized to make it clear to our readers what to expect from our new writers and columnists.


What comes to your mind when you hear the word Baguio? Upon asking a few people, the majority of them...

Tuba mayor slams proposed opening of Baguio tourism

TUBA, Benguet – Mayor Clarita Sal-ongan urged foreign and domestic tourists planning to go on a vacation in the Cordillera...

DA-CAR readies Php4.4M-worth Rehab Plan for flash flood-affected Banaue farmers

BAGUIO CITY – Aiming to better promote and provide service excellence to its clients, the staff members of the Department...

MP caretaker calls for support to development

BWD to public: Conserve water, prepare for El Niño

Closure of establishments at Maharlika pressed

Conversion of Maharlika to create hub backed

Recent news.

DA-BAFE organizes inter-agency workshop on data sharing

DA urges Benguet farmers to level up to RCEP guidelines

Parents urged to enroll day care pupils

Bontoc is seal of child-friendly local governance audit passer

Support to PH growth potentials assured by envoy

US envoy lauds PMSEA for responsible mining

Session Road history, heritage festival to be institutionalized

Expansion of Crystal Cave school backed

city tourism office baguio

Herald Express is a news organization based in Baguio City that has a weekly publication and an online news portal. The newspaper is circulated in the different provinces of Northern Luzon. The name of the fastest-growing publication in town is coined from the word ‘quick messenger’ which is self-explanatory.

city tourism office baguio

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Baguio records high tourists’ arrivals in December 2022

BAGUIO CITY -- The City Tourism Operations Office reported a remarkable increase in tourists’ arrivals last December in the city.

City Tourism Operations Officer Engr. Aloysius Mapalo noted that tourists estimated to be between 400,000 and 500,000 visited the famous mountain hideaway last month, with a notable surge recorded during the Yuletide season.

The surge, according to Mapalo, was owing to ‘travel revenge’ or the eagerness of the people to travel after more than two years of community restrictions caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

The estimated number of tourists’ arrivals in December was much higher than the 100,000 to 150,000 visitors recorded during the previous months.

Baguio is a premier tourist destination that people want to visit.

Mapalo admitted that the number was just estimated as the real size of tourist arrivals could be lesser or even higher because of the proliferation of illegal accommodation establishments and the failure of other similar businesses to declare their actual number of occupants which the city is now trying to address.

The tourist arrivals in the city started to increase gradually in March last year after the wave of the Covid-19 Omicron variant started to wane which in turn resulted in a partial easing up of the community quarantine restrictions to allow the movement of people.

In 2019, the city recorded more than 1.5 million tourist arrivals during the year based on the declared occupancies of permitted hotels, inns and transient houses, although the figure was not accurate because of the absence of a mechanism to monitor the tourists, many of them may have been accommodated illegally in establishments in barangays.

The city is working out the implementation of a policy among permitted accommodation establishments to require tourists to register with the Visitors Information and Travel Assistance (VISITA) tourist application for the city government to establish reliable data of tourist arrivals in the city during a certain period.

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100,000 tourists expected in Baguio City this Holy Week

Some 100,000 tourists are expected to troop to summer capital Baguio City this Holy Week.

The Baguio City Police Office is on alert to ensure the security and safety of tourists during Holy Week and the long weekend, according to a report of Claire Lacanilao of GMA Regional TV One North Central Luzon on Unang Balita on Wednesday.

More than 1,000 cops have been deployed to tourist spots, churches, and terminals of buses and vans.

"'Yung mga naka-deploy ngayon na (Police Assistance Desk) natin doon, sila 'yung tumutulong sa pag-assist sa mga motorista na paakyat ng Baguio, lalong-lalo na 'yung mga baguhan, at saka nag-ga-guide din sila sa mga puwedeng alternate route na pasukan para hindi na kailangang pumasok sa (Central Business District)," Baguio City Police Office public information officer Police Lieutenant Angeline Dongpaen said.

(Our cops manning Police Assistance Desks assist motorists going up to Baguio, especially those who are first timers. They also guide them toward alternate routes they may take so they would not need to have to enter the Central Business District.)

The City Tourism Office is also on alert, and has put up motorist and tourist assistance desks in tourist spots.

Authorities advised visitors to be extra patient as heavy traffic may be expected.

To date, hotels and transient houses are already fully booked for the Holy Week and long weekend.

Authorities meanwhile are monitoring possible scams offered by fake transient houses.

"Planuhin po natin nang maigi ang ating pagbiyahe sa Baguio. Hangga't maaari, may kausap na sana tayong accommodation establishments para hindi tayo dito pa maghahanap. Meron tayong listahan ng mga legitimate na businesses ng city or accommodation establishment sa ," Baguio City Tourism Office tourism operations officer II Rachelle Anne Montoya said.

(Let's plan our trip to Baguio. As much as possible, coordinate with accommodation establishments so you would not have to look for a place to stay when you are already here. There is a list of legitimate accommodation establishments on .)

The City Tourism Office is coordinating with other government agencies to ensure the safe and peaceful visits of tourists.

It said it is also expecting that more tourists will arrive after Holy Week.

Meanwhile, authorities reminded visitors to dispose of their garbage responsibly and follow the city's regulations such as the no smoking policy and number coding scheme.  —KG, GMA Integrated News


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  6. Baguio City eyeing ‘bubble tourism’ with nearby provinces in September

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  1. Baguio City Tourism Office

    About The Tourism and Special Events Division or commonly known as the City Tourism Office is the lone division under the Office for City Administration that manages and coordinates Baguio City's tourism-related endeavors and special events.

  2. Baguio Visita

    Places In Baguio. Accommodation . Food & Dining . MICE Facilities . Shopping & Pasalubong . Family Recreation . ... Baguio Tourism Office. location_on Baguio Convention Center. phone (074) 446 2009 ... phone 0956 572 9094 (10pm - 7am) message message BTC Office and Secretariat. account_circle Ms. Jane ...

  3. Department of Tourism- Cordillera Administrative Region Office

    Department of Tourism- Cordillera Administrative Region Office, Baguio City. 19,699 likes · 4,724 talking about this · 108 were here. Official page of...

  4. Baguio City Tourism Office

    About the Business: The Tourism and Special Events Division or commonly known as the City Tourism Office is the lone division under the Office for City Administration that manages and coordinates Baguio City's tourism-related endeavors and special events.

  5. Baguio Tourism

    Baguio Tourism. 116,333 likes · 173 talking about this. The Baguio Tourism FB page is the social media online information resource for tourists and visitors

  6. Baguio Tourism Council

    Baguio Tourism Council, Baguio City. 17,104 likes · 157 talking about this. A non-stock non-profit organization composed of the private and public...

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    WELCOME TO Baguio City Hailed as the Summer Capital of the Philippines, Baguio is the top destination to go to if you want to take a break from the tropical heat in the lowlands. With average temperatures ranging from 15-23°C, the city rarely experiences temperatures higher than 26°C even during the warmest parts of the year.

  8. Baguio opens 24/7 hotline for tourist assistance, inquiries

    BAGUIO CITY - The City Tourism Office has opened official contact numbers that tourists can contact to verify the legitimacy of service and accommodation providers in this summer capital.Engr. Aloysius Mapalo, city tourism officer, on Tuesday said the 24/7 hotline (074) 446-2009 can be...

  9. City Tourism Office Eyes Opening of Baguio City to Tourists on

    According to the announcement of the City Tourism Office, the City of Baguio is planning to reopen tourism by September. Here are the following systems that are being put in place to ensure the safety of visitors and locals: Jump to Article Content For Tourists For Tour Operators and Hotel For City Tourism Managers Notes For Inquiries

  10. Baguio City Public Information Office

    Baguio City Public Information Office, Baguio City. 247,267 likes · 36,095 talking about this · 4 were here. This is the Official Social Media Page of...

  11. Baguio Visita

    Baguio Country Club, the First and Only 5-star Mountain Resort in the Philippines, a picturesque retreat and historical landmark nestled in Baguio City - the Summer Capital of the Philippines, was established in 1905 by William Cameron Forbes. The Club is more than 100 years old having celebrated its centennial year on February 18, 2005.

  12. Guidelines for Tourists Going to Baguio

    On the Guidelines for Tourists Going to Baguio provided by the Baguio City Tourism Office and the Public Information Office (PIO) of the City of Baguio last year, more tourists were allowed per day in the city. City officials have decided to increase the daily tourist arrivals from 500 to 1,000 according to the city government of Baguio's ...

  13. City Government of Baguio

    City Government of Baguio. Home ; Profile ; Government ; Services ; Bac pub. Barangays ; Tourism Contact Directories . Powered by: Management Information Technology Division . Republic of the Philippines . All Content is in the public domain unless otherwise stated ... Email: [email protected]. Viber: +63 945 823 7040.

  14. Baguio City Travel Guide: Travel Requirements, Things to do, and More

    The best time to visit Baguio City in the Philippines is typically during the dry season, which runs from November to April. This period offers cooler temperatures and less rainfall than the rest of the year. The city's high elevation, around 1,540 meters (5,050 feet) above sea level, contributes to its cool climate.

  15. Top 19 Tourist Spots in Baguio Philippines

    Top 19 Tourist Spots in Baguio Philippines: Scenic Parks, Art Museums, Strawberry Farm Find out why Baguio is one of the top tourist destinations in the Philippines for both local and international tourists. Learn about the top Baguio tourist spots you shouldn't miss and explore in Baguio tours at this mountainous region with help from this guide.

  16. Baguio Itinerary: Ultimate Travel Guide 2023

    33 Baguio City is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Philippines. Filipinos love visiting this place because of its cool climate, stunning views, affordable food, and rich culture and heritage. Our team regularly travels to this beautiful city in the mountains; thus, we created the Ultimate Baguio Itinerary Travel Guide.

  17. Baguio gets 19K visitors in December: city tourism office

    BAGUIO CITY - This summer resort city received a total of 19,242 tourists last December, the city tourism office has reported.They were among those who registered at the online portal tourists and arrived from December 1 to 31, city tourism supervising...

  18. Visitors arrival bodes well to recovery of Baguio tourism sector

    The official added that the city's tourist arrival on weekends ranges from 40,000 to 50,000 and they expect more with the return of the Baguio Flower Festival or Panagbenga. He said that hotels in the city sent a feedback that they are experiencing a record high in terms of bookings. Mapalo added that SM Baguio, which has also become a ...

  19. Baguio City Tourism Office

    The Tourism and Special Events Division or commonly known as the City Tourism Office is the lone division under the Office for City Administration that manages and coordinates Baguio City's tourism-related endeavors and special events. Address Baguio Convention Center, 2600 Baguio City, Philippines Phone Number +630744421007

  20. Baguio tourist arrivals rise by 15.7 percent

    City Planning and Development officer Engr. Evelyn G. Cayat disclosed that based on the data obtained from the City Tourism Office, over 1,760,729 tourists visited Baguio City last year, a 15.7 percent increase from the recorded 1,521,748 tourist arrivals in 2017.

  21. All Baguio City Tourism Office office locations

    Browse Baguio City Tourism Office office locations. Baguio City Tourism Office locations by state. 5.0. Cordillera Administrative Region 5.0 out of 5 stars. Baguio City Tourism Office locations by city. 5.0. Baguio 5.0 out of 5 stars. Tell us how to improve this page. What would you add or change? Give Feedback. Find another company.

  22. Baguio records high tourists' arrivals in December 2022

    BAGUIO CITY -- The City Tourism Operations Office reported a remarkable increase in tourists' arrivals last December in the city. City Tourism Operations Officer Engr. Aloysius Mapalo noted that tourists estimated to be between 400,000 and 500,000 visited the famous mountain hideaway last month, with a notable surge recorded during the Yuletide season.

  23. 100,000 tourists expected in Baguio City this Holy Week

    The Baguio City Police Office is on alert to ensure the security and safety of tourists during Holy Week and the long weekend, according to a report of Claire Lacanilao of GMA Regional TV One North Central Luzon on Unang Balita on Wednesday. More than 1,000 cops have been deployed to tourist spots, churches, and terminals of buses and vans.

  24. Vesagas Secures Silver Medal in AVISOC 2023

    The University of Baguio is committed to provide balanced quality education by nurturing academic excellence, relevant social skills and ethical values in a fun learning environment. For more information and for queries, please contact: University of Baguio, General Luna Road, Baguio City. [email protected]. (074) 442-3036.