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Al Amanah Hajj and Umrah

The people of Makkah know better its paths

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Hajj Form

Hajj & Umrah is not a Vacation! "Going to Hajj & Umrah" seeking Allah’s satisfaction by leaving behind your regular lifestyle and putting up with discomfort for the sake of Allah!

All the excitement about the luxurious hotels and sophisticated lifestyle will narrow down to just two pieces of cloth, responding to Allah’s invitation, chanting “Labaik, Allahhumma Labaik” crying to your Creator,

It is vital that you do your homework on the package that you select for both Hajj & Umrah. Our team will give only honest information regarding the packages.

All packages calculations are based on Saudi Riyals. Should there be a decrease in Saudi Riyal at the time of payment you will be liable to pay the difference.

All bookings are subject to availability & confirmation. Also subject to change without prior notice.

The hotel ratings are stated by Ministry of Tourism and Saudi standard and NOT international standard.

It is the pilgrims responsibility to ensure that all the correct documents are provided for visa process. We accept no responsibility for refusal of visa. Once electronic number has been applied on your behalf you will be liable for payment.

It is recommended that you provide passports and supporting documents at least 3 weeks before travel

You must arrive at the airport 3 -4 hours prior to departure

Please ensure you are aware of the baggage allowance prior to travel.

Your luggage is your responsibility throughout the journey.

Liquids over 100 ml are not allowed in hand luggage please ensure these are checked in.

For Umrah pilgrims the system has changed and most pilgrims are being processed at the Hajj terminal (expect British Airways & Saudi Airlines). You will be asked to remain on board and then taken to the Hajj terminal via coach.

The process through Hajj terminal is not the best management by the concerned departments and is beyond our control. We will however try to do our best in trying to make it as quick and simple as possible. Please be in mind the process can take anything up to 5 hours or more.

Upon arrival to Jeddah airport please purchase a Saudi SIM this will be registered under your name.

We request you to contact Brother Aftab our (Saudi manager) as soon as you can.

Your visa and transport is arranged through Dar al Eiman and the representative will be outside at the entrance of the terminal. Once you have completed immigration, baggage reclaim and customs you will need to ask for Dar Al Eiman representative or simply show the wrist bands that have been provided to you.

Please ensure you collect wrist bands with your passports and wear these throughout your journey especially at airport on arrival.

Company reps are not allowed into the terminal by ministry of Hajj.

Hajj is a different process to Umrah all flight are processed through the same Hajj terminal but a lot more complex and lengthy process. You will be assisted by group leader and should follow his instruction at all times

Please prepare yourself for processing time of approximately 8-12 hrs or more.

You should carry all your medications in hand luggage along with prescription and ensure you take with you dry snacks.

Use the baggage tags provided for identification purpose.

Your carry-on bag should contain survival items for 2 to 3 days, just in case

When loading and unloading to and from bus or taxi, be sure to check your baggage.

Take pounds instead of traveler’s cheque. You can exchange pounds anywhere in Saudi Arabia.

Do not carry all your money with you, take only a small amount with at all times

Be on time at the airport as instructed. If you miss your flight, you are responsible for costs incurred

Leave your home early enough to arrive at the airport on time for your flight. Consider the weather, road conditions, and traffic laws

Check all your travel documents once again before you leave your home

Upon arrival at the airport in Saudi Arabia the process from arrival to setting off to Makkah Residence (Hotels or Standard building accommodation) can take from 8 - 12 hours on average but in some cases can take more than 12 hours.

Due to large number of hujaj arriving from around the world. Please stay with the group at all times and follow instructions

Alamanah Hajj & Umrah does not have a say in the transportation provided by Hajj Ministry or control over the condition of the busses provided by Hajj Ministry.

Please prepare to split from your family at any point of transfers during Hajj and you may not be accommodated on seats.

Alamanah Hajj & Umrah will not provide transportation from Mina Tents to Jamarat for Rammi during all 3 days of Tashreeq (10, 11 and 12 ZulHijjah) Transportation for Tawaf-al-Ifadah (Tawafi Ziyarat) from Mina Tents to Haram and back to Mina Tents will not be provided.

Guidance will be provided by the group leaders for Hujaj to do the Tawaf-al-ifadah (Tawafi Ziyarrat). All Hujaj must stay with group leader for Tawaf-al-ifadh and if any of the Hujaj individually or form a separate group decides to go for Tawaf-al-ifadh on their own accord Alamanah will not be responsible if the Hujaj are lost .Any Transport taken by Hujaj for Tawaf-al-ifadh (from Mina Tents or Jamarat ) must be paid by Hujaj .Alamanah will not be responsible for the payment of such transportation

You must provide us with full details of the disability and severe medical condition before we confirm your booking so that we can try to advise you as to the suitability of your chosen arrangements.

The Hajj dates and package itinerary are subject to hijri calendar(lunar calendar). All hotel bookings during Hajj season are based on hijri dates. Depending on moon sighting there could be change in itinerary.

Any package that includes food is complimentary. We source out to outside catering. There is a possibility of delay in arrival of food and on certain days like 06th/07th & 12th Dhul Hija food may not arrive at all.

Food menu will be determined by the majority of group.

Any shuttle service provided from aziziya accommodation to haraam for shifting Hajj package will be subject to timings and subject to number of pilgrims attending (minimum 10 Hujaj ).

Shuttle service will not be provided on 7th of Zhul Hijja due to departure preparation for the First Hajj day to Mina Shuttle Service is subject to change without prior notice.


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Hajj 2024 Now Taking Bookings

Call now to book your life changing journey.

al amanah tours

Al-Amanah Islamic Tours

Al aqsa 2024 package, book now to discover the forgotten land.

al amanah tours

Umrah 2023/2024

Group booking & tailor made package book now.

al amanah tours

Uzbekistan 2024 Package

al amanah tours

Andalusia 2023 Package

Upcoming tours.

al amanah tours

Join Al- Amanah on this historical journey to Al Aqsa.

Added: 20th Jun 2022

al amanah tours

Alhamduillah as the Doors of the Haramain Open

Added: 10th Aug 2021

al amanah tours

Surah Ad Duha

Added: 7th Oct 2020

Al-Aqsa 2024 Package

A prayer in Makkah (Ka’bah) is worth 100,000 times (reward), a prayer in my Masjid (Madinah) is worth 1,000 times and a prayer in Al-Aqsa Sanctuary is worth 500 times more reward than anywhere else

  • DEPARTING: 10th Jan 2024
  • ARRIVING: 13th Jan 2024
  • HOTEL: Holyland Hotel or similar
  • 4 days / 3 nights Half board
  • Guided Tour

The Prophet, sallallaahu 'alayhi wa sallam, also said: “Whoever performs Hajj and does not engage in sexual relations nor acts sinfully, he will return (after Hajj free from all sins) like (he was) the day his mother gave birth to him.

  • DEPARTING: 13th Dec 2023
  • ARRIVING: 16th Dec 2023
  • HOTEL: 4 Star Breakfast
  • MADINAH: 4 days / 3 nights

Hajj Package 2024

Narrated Abu Huraira: Allah's Messenger (ﷺ) said, "(The performance of) `Umra is an expiation for the sins committed (between it and the previous one). And the reward of Hajj Mabrur (the one accepted by Allah) is nothing except Paradise."

  • DEPARTING: 07th June 2024
  • ARRIVING: 23rd June 2024
  • MAKKAH: Swiss Al Maqam / Fairmont HB
  • MADINAH: Dar al Hijra InterContinental HB
  • AZIZYA: Accommodation Close to Jamarat


UK leading approved & accredited, experienced, devoted and transparent Islamic tour provider. Specialists in Bespoke packages.

Hajj & Umrah Visa

Health & safety, hajj & umrah transport, hajj & umrah guide, prayer timings.

As a Ministry approved agent we process your visas without any third party. Get information about all Saudi Embassy requirements here with easy to understand illustrations.

Get useful tips on health and prevention. Take advantage of information on best management for illnesses during your life changing journey.

Information on mode of transportation we offer to reach your destination. Select from worlds leading airlines and ground transport to make your journey comfortable.

Learn about the history of the two holy cities and their surroundings. Visit places of your interest and know their importance. Experience the seen and unseen, refresh your iman.

Get yourself prepared for this beautiful journey. Take full advantage of detailed step by step comprehensive information through videos, pictures and text according to Shariah.

Always connected. We provide you the opportunity to feel you there when you desire.

Be prepared. Find prayer timings here, which provides you the plan to perform your Fard Ibadah on time and know what to pack according to weather.

Time will never stand still and those moments that bring us such joy become memories in an instant. Relive those moments with us.

What client says

Emdad rahman.

Booked Hajj with Al-Amanah this year, but unfortunately not able to go with them due to the new system. They have been excellent throughout my dealings with them, very honest and open from day one. Deposit was paid back immediately. Very Highly recommended.

Rabeya Begum

Honest and trustworthy. Got my deposit back next day after the announcement of the online service for Hajj

Abedin Meeajun

"I want to thank you for all your work and attention to details in making our Umra so wonderful. It was quite an adventure and we all had such a great time. Thanks for everything and we will use your services again in the future." It was truly be unforgettable. Jazakallah

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